Claeys has been an abstract painter since 2017. Before that, he was active for two decades as a rapper and composer of electronic music in various Belgian bands. He is known for his particular mix of vulnerability and humor in his hip hop and reggae music.

Claeys draws inspiration from the vast realms of the subconscious. As an artist, he is completely subordinate to the mystical process that takes place there. The biggest challenge in creating his art work is what he calls ‘entering the zone of non-thinking’. When we use our rationality, it ensures predictable and boring results. Art stems from the mystical terrain that we call inspiration, intuition or The Source. The artist is merely a channel through which the flow streams, resulting in shapes on the canvas.

Claeys is a self-taught artist. The way he creates arises in the moment itself, coming in through images during daily meditation sessions or at night through dreams. Plans manufactured by the brain to make something in a specifc pre-set way die in advance or at the moment of creation itself.

Music is an important tool to get into the state of fow. Not just to create atmosphere, but as a co-determiner of the creation. The ‘right’ music provides the right state that is needed to create flow, so that the work is a visual refection of the indescribable. As with visual art, music is not made with the thinking mind. One of the bands that appeals most to his imagination is Urban Dance Squad. This band created their songs from improvisational jam sessions where they connected with a unique and never seen energy. Bands like Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys and Zion Train are great sources of inspiration.

Claeys is also a freelance trainer and visiting professor at ArteveldeHogeschool in Ghent in the Creative Coaching course.